What is LASIK Surgery?

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What Is LASIK?

LASIK or (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis) is one of the safest and most effective vision correction procedures.  The LASIK surgeon will use a gentle laser to create a thin round shaped flap in the cornea,  then carefully lift the flap which exposes the inner tissue of the cornea.   The surgeon will then re-shape the cornea with a pulsing cool laser beam.  This laser beam will sculpt your cornea to match the shape of your contact lens or eye glass prescription.  Next, the surgeon will return the corneal flap to it’s original position which starts the natural healing process.   The entire LASIK procedure takes approximately 10 minutes per each eye from start to finish.


Considering LASIK? Chances Are, We Can Help You!

Very few clinics are as comprehensive or as experienced as NVISION Laser Eye Centers…which means, often times, they’ll turn away patients who might not fit their own criteria but may easily fit our candidate criteria.

That’s because at NVISION Laser Eye Centers, we take great care in utilizing every tool, technique and option available to help our patients achieve the clarity of vision they want and deserve. Our doctors take the time to thoroughly analyze each patient’s condition and develop a personalized approach to his or her treatment.  We can treat a variety of eye conditions with procedures and technologies that may not be found anywhere else in the area.

Find out for yourself if you’re a suitable candidate or check out our simple 5-step guide to laser procedures to see what treatment might be right for you.  It could be your first step toward clearer vision.

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The LASIK Procedure

The following video will take through the entire journey of getting LASIK, and will discuss why, who and when to get LASIK. YouTube Preview Image