Lasik and Cataract Surgery


Did you know that 1600 eye doctors in California and Nevada choose NVISION for their patients who need LASIK – and for their own LASIK? That’s a claim no other LASIK Center in California and Nevada can make. Since 1999, we’ve performed LASIK on more than 250 eye doctors and the majority of our patients come to us because of a referral from their eye doctor – not because of advertising. That’s why NVISION is “The Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice.” Why would you go anywhere else?


As seen on the Drs TV ShowBecause eye doctors know that LASIK surgery is only one part of a patient’s lifetime of eye health. We work hand in hand with eye doctors before and after the LASIK surgery procedure. We view the eye doctor as your “primary eyecare professional” who monitors the health of your eyes regularly throughout your lifetime. Once we perform your LASIK surgery, we will instruct you to continue to see your eye doctor for annual visits to maintain the health of your eyes for a lifetime.


As pioneers in the field, we’ve developed one of the longest résumés of experience and knowledge around. From cataract surgery to LASIK and refractive surgery, glaucoma, and corneal surgery, our surgeons and staff have helped thousands of patients improve and restore their eyesight to stunning clarity by using personalized procedures, including custom LASIK, Cataract Surgery and Dry-Eye Treatments. Our surgeons are also experts in providing intraocular lens implants, including multifocal and accommodating implants.

Over the past decade, LASIK and laser vision correction have become one of the most common procedures available, not only to fix your vision but to finally and confidently live a life free of glasses or contacts. But not all LASIK is created equal.

LASIK is still surgery and requires the skill of a seasoned surgeon for optimal outcomes. The best technology is only as good as the surgeon using it. Another key to your surgical outcome is to continue seeing your eye doctor after surgery for annual eye exams. This is the best way to ensure a lifetime of optimal vision and eye health.

NVISION Laser Eye Centers has been in practice since 1999. In fact, we were one of the field’s pioneers—developing laser eye surgery into the safe, commonplace procedure it is today—and continue to be on the forefront by offering the latest in treatment technology and techniques. We’re proud to have developed a trusted reputation for providing personalized care and treatment to thousands of patients.

Sight is your most precious sense. Do your research before choosing a surgeon to perform your LASIK procedure, and be sure to ask your eye doctor for his or her recommendation. No one knows your eyes better than your own eye doctor. NVISION is the eye doctors’ #1 choice – why not make it yours?

Our Laser Eye Centers Are Closer Than You Think

NVISION Laser Eye Centers are conveniently located throughout California and Nevada in Newport Beach, Oregon, Ontario, Camarillo, La Jolla, Las Vegas East, Las Vegas West, Palm Desert, Fullerton, Torrance, Laguna Hills, Murrieta, Pasadena , San Luis Obispo, and Sacramento. Feel free to explore them here and find the most convenient laser eye center for you.