Network of Affiliates

Dr. Pinkham Optometrist


Our NVISION-affiliated eye doctors have been trained in all aspects of laser vision correction and are ready to work closely with NVISION to ensure you receive appropriate care, both pre- and post-procedure.

There are three phases of your laser vision correction process, during which NVISION doctors and NVISION-affiliated doctors will care for you.

Pre-procedure consultations will be provided by both your NVISION-affiliated optometrist and NVISION’s clinical director or other staff optometrist.

  1. The laser procedure will be done by the NVISION-affiliated surgeon who performs the procedure at the NVISION Center of your choice.
  2. Post-procedure care will be provided by your own NVISION-affiliated optometrist.

Your own NVISION-affiliated optometrist will provide most of your pre- and post-operative care.  We recommend he or she do most of this care because they are the most familiar with your eyes and history. In addition, your NVISION-affiliated optometrist will continue to provide vision care after your procedure.

If you do not have your own optometrist, the NVISION team is happy to provide all of your pre- and post-operative care.

The skill and experience of NVISION’s affiliated surgeons, optometrists and support team give you a critical advantage in achieving the best outcome. All doctors affiliated with NVISION have been educated in laser vision correction. NVISION-affiliated surgeons must pass the government-mandated course for each particular laser they use. NVISION also offers affiliated doctors quarterly training programs on the latest advancements in treatment and technology to better ensure the best outcome for all their patients.

You are in good hands with NVISION and its affiliated doctors.  We care, and we’re there for you.