Ziemer Crystal Line Technology

Ziemer Crystalline


NVISION was the first laser eye center in California and Nevada to offer the latest and most advanced Femto surgical laser – the Ziemer Crystal Line. This laser is used to shape and create the corneal flap, which is the first step of the bladeless Custom LASIK procedure.  The Swiss developed Ziemer Femto LDV has been the laser of choice in Europe and Japan since 2009.  When compared to other lasers, the Z-LASIK Femto LDV Crystal Line laser provides the following benefits:

  1. Faster Visual Recovery – small bubble technology with overlapping bubbles creates a very smooth surface resulting in quicker recovery of vision and better quality of vision in a shorter period of time.
  2. Shorter procedure time – the Ziemer laser delivers 5 million pulses per second compared to 60,000 to 200,000 pulses with all the other Femtosecond lasers – the procedure is at least 3 times faster making it much more comfortable.
  3. Safer – the energy per pulse delivered is less than 10% of that of other Femtosecond lasers. This results in reduced discomfort and essentially no associated inflammation and light sensitivity. Also no chance of bubbles inside the eye and no problems with scars in the cornea.
  4. More Precise – allowing surgeon to create thin flaps with confidence which is helpful in patients with high corrections and thin corneas.
  5. Less chance of dry eyes – since the Femto LDV Ziemer  is a gentler laser with less energy, the chances of dry eyes are reduced.

Watch this video for a quick over view about the Z-LASIK procedure and the benefits of Ziemer Femto LDV Crystal Line Laser.

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