Our Difference



NVISION is The Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice, preferred by more eye doctors than any other LASIK and Eye Surgery Center in California and Nevada.  And there’s a reason.

No one knows your eyes better than your own eye doctor.    And while LASIK and other specialized eye surgeries performed by NVISION can dramatically improve your vision and the quality of your life, these treatments are just part of a full continuum of eye care that is managed by your own eye doctor.

That’s why when we perform any surgery on your eyes, we stress the importance of returning to your eye doctor for your annual exams or any time you have any issues with your eyes, to maintain a lifetime of optimal eye health.

We are so committed to the relationship you have with your eye doctor that we’ve trained more than 1,700 eye doctors in California and Nevada in all aspects of laser vision correction.   We continue to work with eye doctors to keep them up-to-date on the latest technologies available in eye surgery so that these NVISION-affiliated doctors can readily recognize patients that can benefit from LASIK.  And when they do, they refer their patients to NVISION.  In fact, they trust us so much that hundreds of eye doctors have come to NVISION for their own eye surgeries.   They know we have some of the most exceptional surgeons in the country and the latest advanced technology available for eye surgery and an NVISION for Life® commitment to our patients.  But most of all, they know that we are committed to ensuring your eye safety and health – not just for one procedure – but for a lifetime.   That’s why NVISION is The Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice.

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