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Patient Stories from LASIK


Here on the NVISION website, we’ve told you about laser vision correction, answered your questions, and shared the biographies of our exceptional doctors at NVISION’s 12 California centers.

Now, we want you to hear from our patients. 

In their own words, NVISION patients share their experiences at NVISION and how laser vision correction has impacted their lives.  We hope their stories will help you decide if laser vision correction is right for you and put you on your journey to clear vision.

Carole & Brooke Weekley, Ages 49 & 25

Mother & Daughter.  Orange County, CA

A very active athlete, Brooke has played soccer and softball and had to rely on glasses for most of her life to see the ball.  A self-proclaimed scaredy cat, Brook did not want to have eye surgery, but the day she started wearing contacts was the first day she decided she wanted to have LASIK.

Brooke chose NVISION because of its NVISION for Life.  She said, “I was really impressed with the surgeons, the quality equipment, technology and most of all, the NVISION for Life®.  I knew they would do everything the safest, best way possible for me.”

Literally in 15 minutes, the procedure was done and she could see.  Her mom, Carol, was so impressed that she too got laser vision correction at NVISION.  Carol said, “When I saw how smooth the process went and the outstanding technology and surgeon’s experience, I knew laser vision correction was for me, too.

Together, mother and daughter say they are excited every time they wake up and can see the world around them.  In fact, they are so happy with their clear vision that they said Carol’s husband is next up for LASIK at NVISION.

Sonja Arceles, Age 25

Orange County, CA

For Sonja, laser vision correction helped improve her lifestyle by eliminating the hassle of glasses. Today, she is able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more outdoor and athletic activities and enjoys simply being able to see her family’s faces.

Sonja chose NVISION and Dr. Tooma after her eye doctor referred her to NVISION. She did some online research, checked out NVISION’s references, and immediately new vision correction at NVISION was right for her. She said, “I chose NVISION Laser Eye Centers because they are the best in Orange County.”

Now, Sonja has 20/20 vision and says, “it’s four eyes no more!”