Research Study for Patients with Reading Glasses


Renowned eye surgeon Dr. Thomas S. Tooma first to perform surgery in Orange County today.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – TLC Laser Eye Centers announced today that they are offering an investigational surgery to men and women who are between the ages of 45 and 60 years old and are looking to reduce or eliminate their need for reading glasses, at no cost, as part of a research study.

The surgery uses an investigational corneal inlay device being developed by AcuFocus ( The inlay is placed in the eye’s outer layer (cornea). The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and can be done in the eye surgeon’s office. The corneal inlay is being developed to correct near vision problems caused by aging, a condition known as presbyopia.

In the past, presbyopia was treated with just Monovision LASIK so that one eye was corrected for distance and one eye was corrected for near vision. With the AcuFocus Corneal Inlay, your distance vision isn’t changed. The inlay actually blocks unfocused light into your eyes so that your overall ability to see objects up close could dramatically improve.

The TLC Laser Eye Center in Newport Beach is actively recruiting patients for the research study ( Only twelve U.S. eye MK-528 Rev B surgeons are involved in this national research study; and Dr. Thomas S. Tooma of TLC Laser Eye Centers is one of only three doctors participating in California.

Dr. Tooma, Medical Director of TLC Laser Eye Centers in California, has performed more than 100,000 laser and surgical vision correction procedures. Dr. Tooma will personally perform the surgery for patients with a loss of near vision. The research study is a part of several options that TLC offers to reduce the need for reading glasses over the age of 40.

“Nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide need reading glasses. I’m thrilled today to offer a possible solution for those who are tired of wearing them,” said Dr. Tooma. “The options we have today are revolutionary, and are a break through in the technology that existed before.”

In order to receive the surgery at no cost, you must register before November 15, 2009. Book your surgery with TLC Laser Eye Centers by contacting 1-888-CALL-TLC.