Dr. Tom Tooma Purchases Interest In 8 Southern California TLC Laser Eye Centers

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Dr. Tom Tooma Purchases Interest in Eight California

TLC Laser Eye Centers, Changing Name to NVISION Laser Eye Centers

 New Eye Care Services to Be Available at NVISION Centers. Everything else stays the same.

Newport Beach, Calif., September 1, 2010 – Eight TLC Laser Eye Centers in California (nvisioncenters.com) are changing their names to NVISION Laser Eye Centers (www.NVISIONCenters.com).

The name change accompanies the sale of TLC’s interest in the eight centers to Medical Director Dr. Tom Tooma to become a separate LASIK brand.  The new brand will operate as NVISION Laser Eye Centers (www.NVISIONCenters.com) and will have the same surgeons, staff and locations in La Jolla, Palm Desert, Ontario, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Laguna Hills, Torrance, and Camarillo. 

The only thing that will change is the name of the eight centers to reflect additional eye care services now available for California residents. The mutual decision to end the relationship between TLC and Dr. Tooma followed Dr. Tooma’s expansion of the brand into other areas of eye care, including cataract surgery, and new and innovative programs that will be announced in the months ahead.

Dr. Tom Tooma states, “We have had a long and productive affiliation with TLC. During our years with them, we have developed a unique brand and business model.  In addition to providing LASIK and cataract services, we have developed relationships with more than 1300 California eye doctors who are our ‘partners in care’.”

“In fact, more eye doctors refer their patients to TLC than any other LASIK center in California.  We’ve also performed LASIK on more than 350 California doctors.  Simply stated, we’re trusted by the most eye doctors, and we want to continue on the path of partnership with them to ensure a full continuum of care for our patients.  We wish TLC the best in their future endeavors and have enjoyed working as a part of the TLC family of Laser Eye Centers for the past 11 years,” concludes Dr. Tooma.

“The eight centers under Dr. Tooma’s leadership will continue to use the TLC name through the end of the year, while we introduce the new name NVISION Laser Eye Centers.   A new logo has been designed to reflect the company’s concept of bringing new and innovative services to the market, ‘envisioning’ all possibilities of eye care treatments available. These include the newest LASIK procedures, cataract surgery and new eye programs to optimize vision for the life of the patient, all designed to complement the patient’s annual visit with their personal eye doctor. The tagline will remain the same – ‘The Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice’,” says Tom Joyce, president of TLC Laser Eye Centers of California and now NVISION Laser Eye Centers.

Dr Tooma says, “Our NVISION Centers will continue to honor the TLC Lifetime Commitment for past, current and future patients. This is our promise that if at anytime your procedure needs an additional enhancement to maintain your crystal-clear vision, we’ll provide it at no cost to our patients at any of our eight centers throughout California.”

About NVISION Laser Eye Centers

NVISION Laser Eye Centers, formerly part of TLC Laser Eye Centers, has eight locations throughout California from San Diego to Camarillo. With more than 1,300 eye doctors who refer their patients and trust their own eyes to NVISION affiliate surgeons, we are the Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice, and serve the counties of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino.  For more information, visit our new web site at www.NVISIONCenters.com or call 949-854-4160.


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