Cataract Surgery and Your Lens Options

Newport Beach, Calif. — Cataracts are an inevitable part of aging.  In fact, 3.2 million Americans have cataract surgery each year.


“A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. As a normal part of aging, the eye’s natural lens starts to lose its flexibility and starts crystallizing, which causes impaired vision,” explains Dr. Jimmy Lee who performs laser refractive cataract surgery at NVISION Laser Eye Center locations in Fullerton, Ontario and Palm Desert.


“With cataract surgery, a cataract surgeon is able to create a corneal incision and then insert a miniature ultrasound tube to remove the crystallized natural lens. Through the same incision, the cataract surgeon will then insert a new artificial lens that helps restore the patient’s vision. This replacement lens is called an intraocular lens, or IOL,” says Dr. Lee.


“The type of artificial lenses may vary based on the needs and conditions of each patient.  Proper matching of the power of the artificial lens to the patient’s eye can reduce or eliminate his/her need for glasses after surgery,” continues Dr. Lee.


According to Dr. Lee, the two lens options are Basic or Lifestyle:


Basic – This option delivers improved vision at just one distance, usually far. After surgery with a monofocal lens, you will probably need to wear glasses for near and intermediate vision, even if you didn’t need glasses before the surgery.


Lifestyle – When you select a lifestyle lens, farsightedness or nearsightedness is corrected as well as presbyopia. Presbyopia is the natural decline with age in the ability to see near or read up close. Some popular name brands of Lifestyle lens include Crystalens, Restor and Tecnis. While these lenses aren’t covered by Medicare or most insurance, many patients opt to pay the additional fee out-of-pocket so they no longer have the hassle of contacts or glasses.


About NVISION Laser Eye Centers

NVISION Laser Eye Centers has 15 locations throughout California from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.  Last year, NVISION Laser Eye Centers became the first provider in California to offer LASIK eye surgery with the Swiss-engineered Ziemer Femto LDVD Crystal Line™ Laser — the highest level of laser vision correction available today. NVISION is also the first provider in California to offer the bladeless, computer-controlled LenSx laser, the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients.


With more than 1,300 eye doctors who refer their patients and trust their own eyes to NVISION surgeons, NVISION Laser Eye Centers is the Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice, and serves the counties of  San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino.


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April 16, 2012


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