Mission Natuvu Creek

Dr Tooma donates his time at Mission at Natavu Creek in Fiji which provides ocular care for cataracts and other curable eye conditions


In 2008, NVISION’s medical director Dr. Tooma and his wife, Maria Tooma, D.D.S., founded the Mission at Natuvu Creek in Fiji.  

With the objective of bringing medical care to the island’s 250,000 local people, the mission offers medical, dental and ocular care provided by visiting physicians, including the Toomas.  These caring doctors are able to provide care for many curable health problems, such as skin diseases, dental decay and cataracts, which would otherwise be permanently debilitating.

Located on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, patients come to the Mission from all over the island to seek medical care that otherwise may not otherwise be accessible to them. 

The Mission is possible through the generousity of medical professionals and layman alike, as well as companies and individuals who have generously donated to the clinic, including Map International, Adec, Alcon and Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

For more information, visit:  www.missionatnatuvucreek.org