NVISION’s Halloween Pumpkin Contest 2013

Our centers and departments got pretty competitive this year.  Check out these pumpkins and let us know which is your favorite for scariest and funniest categories.  The winners are listed at the bottom of this post.


Sacramento Pumpkin 2013











Corporate Office Pumpkin


















Burger Pumpkin 2013






































The LASIK Experience



















It won't hurt a bit







































Scarriest Pumpkin


And the winners are…..

The funniest pumpkin – Miley’s Blurred Lines

Corporate Office Pumpkin

The Scariest Pumpkin – NVASION! by our corporate call center.

Scarriest Pumpkin




















The New Virgin America Safety Instructions Video

Virgin America released a new safety instruction video to play prior to taking off.  This video is a sure way you won’t be zoning out during the next safety instructions video.   This video is much more entertaining than flipping through sky mall magazines, or even reading your friends’ facebook posts before you turn off your cell phone.

Now that’s creative.


A Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer

As breast cancer month approaches an end, we wanted to share this moving images of Jennifer, a brave woman who fought breast cancer.  Her husband Angelo Merendino portrayed her journey with his camera.   As you look through these images you will get a glimpse of her pain, happiness and braveness.

When asked what she loved most about it, she said “I loved it all.














Angelo Merendino

Crossing the street















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino
















Angelo Merendino















Angelo Merendino






















In honor of Jennifer, Angelo Merendino started an organization “The Love You Share” to help women with their financial struggles during their trials with breast cancer.  Click here to learn more about TLYS.

Smuggling Molecules Past the Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Parkinson’s | MIT Technology Review

A possible cure for Parkinson DiseaseAn international team of researchers has now developed a technique that might be used to treat and even reverse the signs of Parkinson’s disease.   Learn more from the MIT Technology Review.

Smuggling Molecules Past the Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Parkinson’s | MIT Technology Review.

Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL) By Dr. Tom Tooma

While Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL) is not yet approved by the FDA, hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles have been published that have proven the safety and efficacy of the procedure. CXL has been approved in every country in the world other than the United States. The main indications for Collagen Cross-Linking are:

• Halt the progression of keratoconus
• Halt the progression of corneal ectasia following Laser Vision Correction (LASIK and PRK)
• Improve the shape of the cornea in a patient with stable keratoconus

It is sometimes difficult to determine if a patient is having disease progression when they are able to wear rigid contact lenses with good visual acuity. It is easier to detect progression of disease if the patient is not wearing rigid lenses by measuring changes in the Max K (steep K). Since it is not practical to have our patients not wear their lenses, I personally believe that the following categories of patients should have Collagen Cross-Linking:

• All patients with a new diagnosis of keratoconus
• All patients who have keratoconus and are in their teens, twenties and thirties, since most patients in these age groups experience disease progression
• Patients with stable keratoconus who have poor quality of vision or a difficult time tolerating contact lens wear

Early intervention in patients who are in the first two categories will frequently save them from a life of discomfort with rigid contact lenses and poor vision with lenses. Just because we can fit a cornea successfully with a contact lens with good vision does not mean that the cornea should not be cross-linked. Some patients can have rapid progression of disease that is never reversible. These periods of rapid progression of disease are frequently associated with periods of intense eye rubbing due to seasonal allergies.

Observing the progression of the patient’s disease and continuing to fit them with contact lenses is a disservice to the patient.
We can halt the progression of their disease and frequently improve the shape of their cornea by decreasing the astigmatism and myopia. This change in shape can frequently be substantially augmented by INTACS. Patients typically are able to wear contact lenses more comfortably with better quality of vision and perhaps the chance to go to soft toric lenses or spectacles.

INTACS result in a significant improvement in the shape of the cornea with improved regularity and a decrease, sometimes dramatic, in myopia and astigmatism. Most patients with keratoconus have asymmetric disease. Since both eyes have the same genetic makeup, both eyes should be cross-linked.
If you do not have corneal topography in your practice, the best way to diagnose early keratoconus is by using your manual keratometer. If the mires do not coincide with each other, it is likely that the patient has early keratoconus. A corneal topography can be performed to make the diagnosis. Other potential signs that may be consistent with early keratoconus that should increase the index of suspicion are:

• Oblique astigmatism
• Progression of astigmatism
• Irregular retinoscope reflex (scissoring or teardrop-shaped reflex)
• Decreased best corrected vision with no other obvious reason
• Corneal signs such as Fleischer’s ring or Vogt’s striae (more advanced signs)

Most of the patients I’ve seen have very advanced disease and are “at the end of their road” with contact lenses. This is frequently because CXL has not been available until recently. These are often patients who can be well served with a corneal transplant. CXL and INTACS will improve the shape of these corneas, however, if we were able to intervene with CXL and INTACS much earlier in their disease cycle, we could have saved these patients many years of struggle with contact lenses.

The study we are conducted has two arms – ‘epithelium on’ and ‘epithelium off’. The cornea heals very much the same as in PRK. Early on, the cornea may become steeper and thinner, however with time, typically by 6 months, the cornea is flatter and more uniform.

Avellino DNA Testing – Only at NVISION











What does YOUR DNA say?  It might say that you are a great candidate for LASIK.  Or, it might say that genetic factors favor other vision correction options.  Avellino DNA testing is the newest pre-operative testing for LASIK.  And it’s only available at NVISION.    It’s a simple swab of your cheek and results are received in about two days.  So ask about this state-of-the art diagnostic test when you have your LASIK consultation.  NVISION Laser Eye Centers…Adding an extra level of safety to LASIK.

Learn more about Avellino DNA Testing HERE


Top 10 Reasons to Get LASIK

Top 10 Reason To Get LASIK




Money for LASIK

1. Money

You like saving money right? You think glasses and contacts are cheap? Think again. A LASIK surgery will pay for itself in a couple years, when you account for the cost of glasses or contacts. NVISION Laser Eye Centers has affordable plans, pricing, and financing options that can make the procedure affordable for anyone.

2. That morning feeling.
cats lasik san diego
Whats the worst part about waking up in the morning when you have less than perfect vision? The morning fumble to find glasses or shove those pesky contacts into a pair of unwilling eyes can drive a person crazy. With LASIK, you wake up to a crystal clear world every single day.

3. Your style.
Lets be honest, glasses can be dorky. And your favorite pair of glasses (that you swear are cool) don’t exactly fit your entire wardrobe. Stop worrying about matching your glasses with your outfit and ditch the specs.

4. Sports.
running lasik glasses
Wearing glasses or contacts can hinder the performance of virtually any physical activity you participate in.

5. Your complicated life.
lasik orange county
Life is complicated already. You have a million things to do every day and its often hard to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. With LASIK, you can cross vision off your list of things to worry about.

6. Traveling.
traveling lasik los angeles
Coordinating a trip or making room in a travel bag is hard enough. Stop letting glasses, contacts, contact solution, and back-up supplies take up valuable time and space in your travel agenda.

7. Comfort.
comfort cat lasik
Glasses and contacts are physically uncomfortable. Why suffer through irritations, allergic reactions, itchiness, burning, and red eyes if you don’t have to?

8. Super vision.
super vision lasik
While some patients experience mere perfect vision after LASIK, lots of patients will actually gain better-than-20/20 vision. You have the opportunity to see better than your glasses would allow.

9. Instant results.
pocket watch lasik
We live in a world where instant-gratification is the norm. LASIK is no different. A typical procedure usually takes only a couple minutes and the recovery time is nearly non-existant. We’ve all got things to, and LASIK surgery won’t slow you down one bit.

10. A new you.
smile confident
Anyone who wears glasses has felt uncomfortable with their appearance at some point in their lives. Boost your self-esteem with perfect vision and further enjoy your life.

American Health Journal presents

Today we get a chance to share an informative segment on LASIK, cataract, and presbyopia surgery by the American Health Journal. Enjoy the show.


Cataracts on the rise

New research has shown a growing number of patients diagnosed with cataracts, a condition common among seniors. Although a growing population is one cause of the problem, patients are getting younger and younger as well. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the US. More than 24 milliion Americans 40 and older have the condition. Thats a 19% spike in the past decade. Doctors recommend anyone over 40 get tested. NVISION is the leader in Southern California Cataract treatment. With cutting edge technology and surgeons, why not get tested today?

KTVN Channel 2 – Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video –

WAFL winner Jonathan Fierro is back in the press


You remember the WAFL winner who didn’t believe he won a free LASIK procedure right? The young Navy hopeful with a unique story had made headlines again with an interview on My Desert.

check out the article here:

Jonathan Fierro article