Riverside LASIK


NVISION Laser Eye Center can help patients with vision problems in Riverside.  A LASIK doctor from NVISION Murrieta can provide the right treatment procedures to not only correct vision problems, but restore it to perfect health. As a Riverside eye surgery center, NVISION offers world-class vision correction treatment options.

NVISION Murrieta is the only facility in the Temecula Valley that offers all-laser LASIK, which is currently the most sophisticated treatment for vision problems. In partnership with LoBue Laser & Eye Medical Centers, Inc., NVISION Murrieta makes it easy to find a Riverside LASIK surgeon to suit patient’s needs. The center is led by two noteworthy names in California eye care: Dr. Mihir Parikh and Dr. Richard Burns.

Dr. Parikh is well-known as the official team ophthalmologist for the San Diego Chargers. As he himself had undergone LASIK, for residents in Riverside, this LASIK doctor knows well how the procedure is both as a surgeon and as a patient. He is also one of the first West Coast surgeons trained in custom Wavefront treatment technology.

Meanwhile, Dr. Richard Burns offers his services as a Riverside LASIK surgeon with 25 years of experience as a board-certified ophthalmologist. Dr. Burns has been renowned for his success working alongside other doctors and teaching them as well.

For those residing in Riverside, eye surgery services of the highest quality can easily be found through NVISION Murrieta.