In Their Own Words

Patient Stories from LASIK


In their own words, NVISION patients share their experiences at NVISION and how laser vision correction has impacted their lives.

“Four Eyes No More”  by Sonia Arceles, Age 25

College Student.  Orange County, CA

“I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a little kid.  People made fun of me, and I felt limited in what I could do.  Now today, with LASIK from NVISION, I can see my family’s faces and can do so much more in life.  It makes outdoor activities and going to the gym so much more comfortable.  And it’s four eyes no more for me!”

“The Beautiful World After LASIK” by Chris Gialanella, Age 40

Publisher at Riviera Magazine. Orange County, CA

“Getting laser vision correction is one of the things I wanted to do before I turned 40.  After 30 years of hassling with contacts and glasses, I wanted to see clearly.  I wanted to see my four-year-old son’s face, I wanted to be able to ski without lenses, and I wanted to simply be able to see the alarm clock in the morning.  After laser vision correction at NVISION, I can now see this beautiful world clearly.”

“Grandchildren and Sports Come Alive Again” by , Age 64

Grandmother. Orange County, CA

“Between declining eyesight and cataracts, I was having a hard time doing the things I love to do – seeing my grandchildren, playing tennis, and playing cards.  Today after the cataract surgery, I can do all kinds of things I couldn’t do before, and I enjoy everything so much more.  Not having to wear glasses is one of the best things in my life.”

“Living Life Easier”  By Carole & Brooke Weekley, Ages 49 & 25

Mother & Daughter.  Orange County, CA

“We can see clearly now, enjoy life, and participate more effectively in sports and spectator activities.  The only question we have is ‘why did we wait so long to get LASIK?’   We recommend NVISION every day to just about everyone we meet.  And, I keep a picture of my surgeon on the fridge to remind me of his contribution to my clear vision.  Truly, LASIK has given us the ability to living life easier.”

“NVISION is The Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice.  You’ll see!”  By Rachele Smith.

Actress, Orange County.

“I see things that I couldn’t see before at all.  Things are never blurry anymore, and I don’t get headaches.  Having laser vision correction at NVISION is definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.  NVISION gave me back the gift of sight. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it.  I say to everyone who is considering LASIK, do it now!”