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NVISION NEWs – June 2012

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Dear Valued NVISION Affiliates,

Please allow me to introduce myself and this NVISION NEWs Bulletin.  My name is Gil Villavecer, Vice President of Sales for NVISION.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you at our CE events, in your office, Advisory Board Meetings and several other venues.  I appreciate the warm welcome you have given me.  As a new member of your industry, there is quite a bit of learning I have to catch up on.  However, with over 20 years of sales and sales management experience, I hope through the work of our team, we can contribute to your success as a valued partner.  This NVISION NEWs Brief is designed for a quick read to keep you informed about the happenings at NVISION to help you and your practice prosper.


Your valued partners (previously Professional Relations Consultants) have new titles…

To more accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities of our Sales Team, effective immediately, their title will change to Affiliate Area Managers. 

By definition:

Affiliate (uh-fil-ee-it) to bring or receive into close association or connection as a member or branch;  to be intimately united in action or interest;  a branch organization.

Area (air-ee-uh)  a geographical region or tract;  the scope of a concept, operation or activity;  a section reserved for a specific function.

Manager (man-i-jer)  a person who has control or direction of an institution, business, division, etc.;  a person who exercises administrative and supervisory direction.

Our Affiliate Area Managers (formerly Professional Relation Consultants or PRCs) manage a geographical Area which is comprised of Optometrists and their staff.  The title, Affiliate Area Managers, signifies that we have built our company on being OD friendly and we will continue to do so.  We will provide meaning to being an NVISION Affiliate.   It is descriptive of who we serve, our valued NVISION Affiliates. We do not compete with our ODs, we work with you to enhance and build your practices. While a title is significant, what really counts is what each Affiliate Area Manager brings to your practice on a consistent basis.  How we support and help your practice grow is what will differentiate our Affiliate Area Managers and enable us to be a valuable partner in your success.  Thank you for your continued support of our dedicated team of Affiliate Area Managers.


Hurry – The Disney CE Event of the year is almost here!

NVISION will host our 12th Annual Refractive Surgery Summer Symposium on June 10,2012.  This will be an exciting and informative, 8 hour continuing education event.


This year’s event is going to another level.  NVISION is growing, and we want you, our Affiliate, to grow with us.  That’s why that this year’s theme is INNOVATION.  Come learn about innovative technology and care from the front of the eye to the back, innovative ways to market your practice in an ever-changing business environment, and many other innovative products available from one of our 30 exceptional exhibitors.  All of this while having some Disney and Star Wars fun!


Visit to register today.  This event usually sells out so register now so you don’t miss out – it’s not too late!  This CE event will be out of this world!


A New Affiliate Practice Manager Website – Just for You


We are continuously looking for ways to make LASIK and Cataract co-management easier for you.  That’s why we’ve created an affiliate only practice manager site where you can be  updated with company news and events, retrieve clinical forms and protocols and learn about new procedures and technologies.   The newly enhanced Practice Manager site will officially launch on June 10th, however, you may visit the beta site today, and register a new account.  Once verified and  approved, you will receive an email to confirm your user name and password.  Please feel free to give us your feedback about the site, so we can continue to improve the user experience.


Introducing NVISION LASIK for $99 a month


We are preparing to launch a series of creative promotional material to show your patients that the time for LASIK with NVISION is now with our $99 a month affordability campaign.  Yes, we will promote that your patients can receive all of the premium benefits of LASIK from NVISION with our “Painless Pay” programs designed to fit just about any budget.  This will be accomplished through Care Credit and our very own “PainlessPay” flexible payment plan available only from NVISION.  Stay tuned for more to come or call your Affiliate Area Managers for more details.  LASIK from NVISION – more affordable than ever before for a limited time!



Sales Tips


There are so many books and articles about sales that we can dedicate pages and pages to the subject.  Here’s one I have kept handy as a very quick reference.  By the way, when are we NOT selling?  Whether it’s our products or services, where to go to dinner with the family, what movie to watch or getting your staff on board with new ideas…we are always selling!



5 Ways to Increase Retail Sales – That Work Every Time!

By Rachel Parkin


So what are the best ways to increase sales dramatically? Are you ready for them?

Our company philosophy is that it’s better to entice your existing customers to buy again, rather than to be constantly chasing new customers. We all know the figures on how expensive this can be, because you have to actively find and entice new customers, whereas you already have the contact details for your past customers as well as a basic idea of their preferences… So you’re definitely ahead of the competition here.

I know that this idea is simple, but it’s also essential. There are so many things to think about each day when you run a business, that it can get a bit forgotten amid all the other daily dramas…

So here’s my latest thoughts – some are simple and others require a bit more planning, but they’re all worth a go…!

1. Set up a sales incentive program:
Why do so many businesses have sales incentives in place? because they work – offer a manicure, a voucher, a product you have in store, or even a prize and set up a little bit of healthy competition between your staff.

2. Encourage your sales staff to upsell or cross sell:

If you’re selling a pendant, then show the earrings as well and always, always, always mention the benefits.

3. Tier your customers:
There should be a clear difference between your regular customers and other customers, so that your regular customers can see that you value them. There are many ways that you can show customers that you value them, from simple things like greeting them by name, to larger benefits like small discounts or extended credit.

4. Customer rewards program:
Many large businesses have this in place, but there’s no reason why us smaller businesses can’t do this. From discount on a customer’s birthday, to a points system that earns rewards.

5. Throw in something extra:
Whether it’s a voucher for future discount, additional information on how to use the product, or a fantastic genuine smile. People love to get more than they thought they were getting. A gesture doesn’t have to be large to be effective…

The irony of good customer service is that over time, it brings in more new customers than promotions and price cutting do, which is a huge benefit for small businesses and an area we can really excel in.

Rachel is the founder of retailrehab. A site for independent retailers full of tips, publicity ideas and FREE downloads on anything that can make life easier for an independent retailer. She also creatively and energetically designs and markets high fashion branded jewellery collections that provide self-expression, confidence and fun for the wearer.

Quote of the Month

“The two best times to plant a tree are 20 years ago and today.”  Chinese proverb

I hope you have enjoyed the first of your monthly NVISION NEWS Bulletins.  I welcome any suggestions you may have to make this space more useful to you or how our team of Affiliate Area Managers can serve you better.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at or 714 930 6903.  I look forward to hearing from you.