Potential Risks

LASIK Candidate


Are there any known side effects to laser vision correction surgery?

Potential complications include conditions such as dryness, nighttime glare and halos, under- or over-correction, and loss of best-corrected vision.  Most of these conditions can be corrected by additional surgery.

What are the possible complications?

In rare cases, complications in making the surgical flap can occur; however, the likelihood of this complication is less than 1 percent.  At NVISION centers, these and other risks are discussed with each patient prior to the procedure.  Proper pre-operative screening helps identify and address any potential healing complications.  The best way to avoid complications is to choose a surgeon who is experienced and respected in the community.  That is one of the advantages of choosing NVISION.  After all, NVISION is the Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice.  More than 1,300 eye doctors in California refer their patients to NVISION Laser Eye Centers.

What is the possibility of going blind after laser vision correction surgery?

The chance of going blind after laser vision correction is less than 1 percent.

What are the risks of laser vision correction surgery?

As with all surgeries, there are risks associated with laser vision correction surgery.  However, the risks of vision-reducing complications are minimal, as documented by many clinical studies.  Millions of people have experienced excellent results from their laser vision correction procedures.