With age, you may develop the need for reading glasses in order to compensate for a condition called presbyopia. When this condition is treated with LASIK, you and your doctor may decide to leave one eye slightly nearsighted. This is called monovision and may allow you to maintain your ability to read after presbyopia begins. Your other eye will be fully treated for distance vision. Gaining this up-close vision means sacrificing some distance sharpness. (Many people have already elected monovision correction with their contacts or glasses.) Monovision is helpful for up-close tasks such as reading a menu or short article, but not for reading fine print or reading for a prolonged time.  For active individuals, such as those who play golf or tennis or who drive a great deal at night, monovision may not be suitable.

At NVISION Laser Eye Centers, risks of the surgery are discussed with the patient prior to the procedure.  Proper pre-operative screening and testing ensures that you are considered a candidate only when it is medically advisable.   As well, diligent post-operative care helps to identify and address potential healing complications.

Monovision is one of the many options NVISION offers its patients.  Please contact an NVISION Patient Counselor to schedule a consultation to determine the best laser vision correction treatment for you.