Dry Eye Treatments



If you’re one of 100 million people who suffer daily from dry eyes, The Dry Eye Clinic at NVISION Laser Eye Centers offers comfort and relief with a variety of treatment options.  People who suffer from dry eyes include those who:

  • Wear contact lenses, especially for prolonged periods of time
  • Are taking medications such as antihistamines or birth control pills
  • Are over 50, especially women going through menopause
  • Have specific diseases such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and collagen vascular disease
  • Have eyelids that don’t close properly due to structural abnormalities
  • Live in dry climates

Dry Eye Treatment (LipiFlow)

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We accept cash, check or credit cards. You can also use a CareCredit® card to pay for treatment which has low-interest or no-interest options subject to the amount financed and your credit approval.  If you do not have a CareCredit card, we can help you process the application during your office visit.


Some treatments are billable to insurance; others are not.  NVISION’s doctors are contracted with Medicare and some private insurance companies.  Your counselor and review these services and their respective fees.

Your Next Step

You don’t have to suffer from dry eyes anymore.  Ask your eye doctor about The NVISION Dry Eye Clinic or call us today at 1-877-91-NVISION.