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Visually Awesome Halloween Costumes

Well we’re really close to Halloween — one of our favorite holidays as it is a treat for both our sweet tooth and our eyes.  And nothing better to stimulate our costume creation shenanigans than a look at some of the most visually stunning, elaborate, coolest costumes of years past.  Here we go!

In 2008, supermodel Heidi Klum stunned us with her ghoulishly fantastic rendition of the Hindu god, Vishnu — 

Lady Gaga inspired get ups will always get us to look twice, but that’s not always a good thing –

This is just too cute.  Twister was a favorite game of ours growing up –

Yikes – it’s Rorschach! – this guy would have us bolting for the door.

We like what you get when you mix a dog and a pirate together!

These are just a few Halloween Costumes that have caught our eyes here at NVISION.  Have an eye-opening Halloween!

What to Look for When Choosing a Laser Eye Clinic — Part 1: The Surgeon

Your eyes are the jewels of your face.  They’re also some of your most important assets, responsible for giving you the gift of sight day in and day out.  Finding the right surgeon to trust your eyes to is not a task to be taken lightly.  At NVISION, we’ve created a list of five things to keep in mind when choosing a surgeon for your laser eye surgery procedure —

  • A Comprehensive Evaluation. A thorough evaluation should take several hours, and include ample time for questions & answers with your surgeon.
  • Access to the Latest Technology. Use of the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques when appropriate – such as the Wavefront Analyzer to map aberrations in the eye, or the Femtosecond Assisted Excimer Laser, the most advanced, precision laser available.
  • Experience = Expertise. Look for a surgeon who has done 1000s of procedures and is well versed in the technology and equipment that will be used in your procedure.
  • Not Afraid to Say No. Although recent advances make laser eye surgery on option for more people than ever, still not everyone will qualify.  Feel free to ask your NVISION surgeon about screening standards and what sort of patients may not qualify for laser eye surgery.
  • Recommended and Respected. It is often said that having the respect of your peers is the most telling sign accomplishment and trust.  You should verify that your surgeon is amongst the most respected and referred by eye doctors.

At NVISION, we’re proud of our exceptional surgeons. Please schedule a consultation at your local NVISION Laser Eye Center to learn more.

Places to Enjoy the Fall Foliage Near Southern California

Autumn is getting into full swing.  Football games pack our local high schools on Friday night and fill the weekend airwaves.  Strip malls are decking out their finest vacant spaces with Halloween costume shops, and pumpkin displays bring a rich orange hue to our supermarket produce section.  The national weather forecast shows trends of dipping temperatures, although with the weather we’ve been getting in this part of the world, you’d think the calendar suddenly shifted into reverse.

Yes, fall has arrived all around the country.  Along the country roads of New England and the riverbanks of the Midwest, the rich colors of fall foliage will soon arrive.  Friends and families around the country are planning their quintessentially autumn excursion – drives to the countryside to take in the brightly colored leaves – a treat for our eyes!

Being here in Southern California, it’s hard not to feel left out of this ritual.  But believe it or not, we have several areas within a few hours drive that can rival the finest autumn scenic indulgences from anywhere around the country.  Here are a few that we fancy —

Julian. Northeast of San Diego, blazing fall colors come to Julian during the beginning of November, appropriately late for our temperate climate.  Try driving along Highway 78 from Ramona to Julian.  The leaves on the cottonwood trees provide an unexpected autumn explosion of color.

Idyllwild is a small mountain town near the Palm Springs. Idyllwild is a huge hiking, camping, fishing, and sightseeing retreat.  In fall, the maple trees turn a brilliant shade of red, while the cottonwoods dazzle us with a golden-yellow splendor.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are perfect for a weekend getaway.  Home to the giant Sequoia trees, both lie on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If the world’s largest trees don’t wow you, the fall foliage will, with their crisp colors such as bright yellow or orange.

Not A Dry Eye in the House

Those of us who suffer from dry eyes know the symptoms all to well.  The persistent irritation.  The constant dryness.  The parched burn of tearless eyes.  Those who suffer from dry eyes have been known to call it a “maddening condition”.

An estimated 22 million people suffer from dry eyes.  And it seems a large number of those people must live here in Southern California, where the year-round warm temperatures, smoggy days, occasional dust-filled Santa Ana winds and strong sun combine to create a hot house for dry eyes.  It used to be that treating dry eyes was largely a matter of drops for relief and an effort to learn to live with the condition.  That is no longer the case.  NVISION Laser Eye Centers now offers patients a variety of treatment options.

We offer a variety of non-surgical options including topical treatments, prescription eye drops, prescribed dietary supplements, compresses, lid hygiene/therapy and application of small collagen or silicone plugs that prevent the draining of tears.

In addition surgical options offered at NVISION include —

  • Light Therapy. The same Intense Pulsed Light Treatment Laser (IPL) used to create beautiful skin can also be used to restore moisture to your upper and lower eyelid margins.
  • Oil Gland Therapy. A small instrument gently probes the oil glands lining the upper and lower lid margins, restoring the oil secretions of the Meibomian glands. The oily layer of the tear film is restored, and tears remain in the eye instead of evaporating, thus providing soothing relief.
  • Tear Duct Therapy. The canals of the eye are sealed with cautery, a form of healing heat to prevent tears from draining.  The treatment allows the eye fluids to stay in the eye and provide soothing lubrication and relief.

Your NVISION doctor has the right treatment option for you.  Check out our page on Dry Eye Treatments to learn more.

The Brilliance of the September Moon

The full moon this month falls on September 23rd, the same day as the autumn equinox, also known as the beginning of fall.  The full moon of September is well known for being particularly vivid and detailed, and often seems to be bigger, brighter and more colorful than other full moons. These effects are related to the seasonal tilt of the earth.  On a clear, early fall night it is common to be able to be able to view the dry seas, mountain peaks, fields and of course the craters of our planet’s closest celestial companion.

September’s full moon has significance across various cultures.  In American myth and folklore the full moon of September is known as the Harvest Moon – the reason being that the bright, vivid moon was said to help farmers work into the night as they worked diligently to harvest their crops on time.

Chinese culture marks September’s full moon with the Moon Festival, also called the Mid Autumn Festival. The Moon Festival is a major holiday in several Asian countries. Traditionally on this day Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon and eat moon cakes and pomelos under the moon together.

Of course, the September moon in all its glorious detail is best enjoyed with freedom from glasses and contacts.  And with recent LASIK innovations at NVISION Laser Eye Centers, such as use of the Wavefront Analyzer in treatment, results can include greater clarity of vision and less complaints of glares and halos at night.  And that makes the September moon all the more special, doesn’t it?

Welcome to Vision Village

We’re often asked “Why call your blog Vision Village?”.  The answer is pretty simple, really.

  • It takes ‘village’ to make laser eye surgery successful.  A dedicated team of doctors, technicians, counselors and other support staff all working in seamless coordination to insure the success of your procedure.
  • NVISION, formerly part of NVISION Laser Eye Centers of Southern California, serves our ‘village’ – the communities across Southern California served by our centers located throughout the region.
  • We wanted to create a place to celebrate the gift of sight with our patients, staff and alumni – all the wonders around us that are best experienced with freedom from glasses or contacts.  This is our place.

In the coming months, we hope to bring our village to life on this blog.  We look forward to introducing you to our doctors, staff, alumni and their experiences of freedom from glasses and contacts.  We also want to share with you some interesting facts and stories around the gift of sight as well as some interesting anecdotes of NVISION helping people in our community and even around the world.  So welcome to our village.  Come in, have a look around, learn, make yourself at home and feel free to join our celebration of sight.