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The latest trend – Steve Job’s Glasses

The most recent example of tragedy turning to trend comes in the form of the late Steve Jobs. The glasses in which he was featured wearing on the cover of his biography have now become the new ‘must have’ accessory. The German manufacturer of the specs, Lunor is trying to capitalize on their popularity by heavily promoting images of steve jobs on their website. At a recent trade show in Hong Kong, a Steve Jobs shrine was constructed, to display the frames. Whether the idea of this is genius is or shameless is up to you to decide. If you want to get your hands on some of these spectacles, they will cost you over $450. According to company executives, the glasses have been selling like hotcakes.

Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue

A recent development by the California Medical Company has made it possible to turn brown eyes into bright blue eyes. Apparently everyone has blue eyes but when you are born, most of our blue color is covered by a thin layer of pigment. The new technology uses a laser to fire through the cornea and disrupt the pigment. The disruption forces the body to digest the brown pigment, leaving the patient with dazzling baby blue eyes.

The controversial procedure takes only 20 seconds but doesn’t turn them blue instantly. Eyes will actually get darker for a week and then slowly turn blue between two and four weeks post-procedure. The cost of changing your eye color is set to be around $5,000 and will be available in the US in about three years. Can’t wait that long? You will be able to get it done in Europe in about 18 months.

Turning your eyes blue seems like a revolutionary concept, but are there any downsides? According to Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler, an ophthalmologist and director of the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills, once the disruption occurs and your brown pigment is eaten away, it can never come back. He is also concerned of potential long-term risks of Glaucoma or Cataracts. The cost of the procedure is close to that of LASIK surgery and should put things into perspective if you are considering either.

Who Doesn’t love perfect vision?

At NVISION Laser Eye Centers we are committed to providing the best results possible when it comes to your vision. We love to hear feedback on how our alumni are enjoying their vision. We ask you to submit your stories so we can share them with our staff and other patients. Making a difference in people’s lives makes all the difference for us. Here are some of our alumni and what they had to say:


I am 4 weeks post surgery, I chose the PRK procedure. Dr. Parikh is a skilled surgeon with amazing bedside manner. I was a little apprehensive about having the surgery and then fearful of the possible lengthy and painful recovery process. I felt Dr. Parikh was honest but encouraging about the process. I am so glad I decided to put my eyes in his hands. The results are amazing !!! Thank You Dr. Parikh!!!

Myself and Dr. Tooma after my surgery 4 months ago. I’ve had this beautiful realization of how happy this surgery has made me. Time to time I look up at the sky and see perfectly the clouds and the shapes of leaves and I have to say- I still find it unbelievable that I live life without my glasses or contacts. Very wild and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Dr. Tooma!!! NVISION — Incredible experiencce and all you folks are simply the best!! After 43 YEARS of glasses and unruly contact lenses, I got my own eyes returned to me in less than fifteen minutes. By the way, I’ve experienced NO complications whatsoever. What a miracle!! I don’t remember this photo being taken though, I guess I was still pretty doped up….

CNN spotlights Kurt Weston

We were fortunate enough to spend a couple days with Kurt Weston at the Newport Beach Film Festival last month. He is a talented artist/photographer who has gone through a life journey unmatched by most people. After dealing with Cytomegalovrus, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, Pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, and becoming legally blind, the survivor has pushed on to create masterpieces of art that inspire us all. We got a chance to display samples of his work at our pop-up store and were able stand in the presence of a truly unique individual. CNN has recently picked up his story which you can find here. Below is some of his work as well as behind the scenes action of Kurt at the festival. Or check out more at Shared Visions.