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NVISION Cycle Team

Say hello to the newly created NVision cycling team comprised of some of San Diego’s finest optometrists representing a very necessary profession. Last Sunday at 7:15, these brave souls embarked on an epic journey across San Diego, pedaling their way into the NVISION history books. The event was an all-weekend event, Saturday was the big…

Huntington Beach Half Marathon

February 6, 2011 was a very important day in sports. Not only was it the day with one of the most widely watched games ever in history (Superbowl), but it was also one of the most important days for many of the staff members at NVISION Laser Eye Centers. 3 of our very own staff members had participated in a treacherous 13.1 mile run at 7 in the morning that day.

Staff Spotlight: A Passion for Customer Service

Say hello to Celeste Trayer. If you’ve been a patient of our Newport Beach Center over the past year, chances are you already know Celeste. You see, Celeste has been a front desk receptionist at NVISION Newport since 2009, and spends her days making sure our doctors, counselors and other staff all know exactly where they need to be and when they need to be there…