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Staff Spotlight: Linda Ellison

In 1981 Linda Ellison started working with Dr. Tom Tooma. Both Linda and Dr. Tooma were both the same age.  September 7, 2010 was the 29th year that Dr. Tooma and Linda had been working together. Linda was his optician, community relations director, marketing director and office manager for Ontario when it first opened. She was also the PRC (Professional Relations Consultant) in Newport Beach, Inland Empire, High Desert, Low Desert and many other areas.

When asking Linda about her experience at NVISION she said, “I can’s say at times it’s been tough but I think all and all the good has definitely outweighed the bad.  I’m very lucky to have worked for such a talented, dedicated man for so many years, but then he has also been lucky to have had such a talented, dedicated woman working for him, and it’s not over with yet.  I’d do it all over again if I had a chance.”

Throughout Linda’s time at NVISION, she has learned about how to keep eyes healthy by frequently visiting an Optometrist. Her Optometrist noticed an early sign of cataracts and on January 11, 2011 Linda had Cataract Surgery and had the Restor 3 Lens Implant with Dr. Pirnazar of Ontario.

Linda has been a honor to work with at my time working for NVISION and we all want to thank her for her soon-to-be 30 year anniversary here at NVISION Laser Eye Centers.



NVISION Cycle Team

Say hello to the newly created NVision cycling team comprised of some of San Diego’s finest optometrists representing a very necessary profession. Last Sunday at 7:15, these brave souls embarked on an epic journey across San Diego, pedaling their way into the NVISION history books. The event was an all-weekend event, Saturday was the big Expo for all the many cycling enthusiasts. This Gran Fondo event is in its third year with over 2500 riders! It is a charity event for the American Melanoma Foundation(AMF) and an event that is ‘popping’ up all over America. I have received some great comments about the event, and some additional OD’s(cyclists) have indicated interest in joining the group. Thanks again for everyone who came out and participated. If you are interested in joining the group, don’t be shy!

Cycling Docs
Micki Kling, OD
Steve Luskin, OD
Jim Creech, OD
Jason Schmidt, OD
Khoa Truong, OD
Aaron Werner, OD
Tri Phan, OD
John Lynn (Cooper Vision)

Huntington Beach Half Marathon

February 6, 2011 was a very important day in sports. Not only was it the day with one of the most widely watched games ever in history (Superbowl), but it was also one of the most important days for many of the staff members at NVISION Laser Eye Centers. 3 of our very own staff members had participated in a treacherous 13.1 mile run at 7:45 AM. Steven Jacobs, Dr. Ruth Tang and Monica Durazo competed in the event.

Although a Half Marathon sounds scary to most people, the race happened to have taken place in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach, California. The race started out on  Southern California’s famous Pacific Coast Highway, then through the neighborhoods of Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach and then onto Bolsa Chica State Beach. Huntington Beach’s Half Marathon is considered to be one of the best half-marathon races in the country with more than 16,000 runners this year. The race was also not limited to adults wanting to run 13.1 miles, but there were events for kids, adults and even wheelchair competitors.

Our staff members from the NVISION Orange County LASIK team said that they were thrilled to compete this year and they definitely look forward to it next year.

Run Surf City

If you are interested in participating in next year’s half marathon or to view the track check out their website.

Staff Spotlight: A Passion for Customer Service

Celeste brings her bright smile to work everyday!

Say hello to Celeste Trayer.  If you’ve been a patient of our Newport Beach Center over the past year, chances are you already know Celeste.  You see, Celeste has been a front desk receptionist at NVISION Newport since 2009, and spends her days making sure our doctors, counselors and other staff all know exactly where they need to be and when they need to be there.  And if you don’t know Celeste, please now consider yourself formally introduced!

Celeste is a major reason we pride ourselves on giving patients a caring, high-touch experience. “We are so much more than a medical office, we base our operation on providing the best service to our patients. I pride myself on this philosophy.”  Celeste takes this approach to heart, “In order to have success, a patient should not only be comforted by knowing their LASIK surgery is being performed by the most skilled and trusted ophthalmologist using the latest technology, but should also be comforted by feeling like one of the family.”

With that kind of attitude and approach, you can be sure Celeste has a lot to offer our staff and patients.  In fact, we’ve been so impressed with Celeste, that we’ve recently promoted her to the role of technician.  In her new role, Celeste will be even more hands-on in supporting our doctors and staff during visual testing and insuring patients procedures go smoothly.  Congratulations Celeste!