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Illusion Thursday – Anamorphic Medusa

Medusa head nvision

Welcome to another Illusion Thursday. This week’s image is quite an illusion. We’ve all heard of the classic Greek mythology character Medusa. She was a chthonic monster who’s deadly appearance was said to turn any man into stone upon looking at her. Our friends at the Truly Design Visual Communication Studio have paid tribute to her with this painting. At first glance, I did not understand what I was looking at here. It looks like a simple drawing which was photoshopped onto a picture. But look below to see whats really going on here…



nvision medusa

Illusion Thursday: Illusions in Advertising

The mighty optical illusion – an amusing trick on the eyes once only reserved for grade school entertainment has now evolved into a legitimate form of advertising. The international advertising agency, Leo Burnett, recently produced a video for Samsung to promote their new line of printers. The video offers the viewer multiple objects on a plain sheet of paper. At least one of the objects is real while the others are not. Can you see the difference?


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Illusion Thursday – Read Your Bookcase

book case illusion nvision

Today’s illusion comes in the form of an everyday furniture item – a bookcase. It looks normal at first glance, but look further. Still not getting it? Here is the bookcase without any books in it…

bookcase nvision

In case you still don’t get it, the book case contains a cryptic message: Read Your Book Case. Enjoy your Thursday.


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Illusion Thursday – Color Relativity

Color is one of the most important and astounding aspects of our vision. The complexities behind the concept of color’s existence could be discussed for hours. But today, I’d like to look at color in the context of relativity. You may think an apple is “red” and the sky is “blue”, but are these basic hues completely accurate or objective? What you may not know is that your perception of hue is based almost completely on an object’s surroundings. A piece of paper may look “white” until you put it next to another piece of paper that is “more white”. Now that original color appears “grey”. Below are some examples to demonstrate the point. Notice how colors appear different depending on the color which surrounds them.

stripe illusion

Illusion Thursday – Bathroom Walls

Today’s illusion comes from a real-life scenario. You may have seen walls like this in a bathroom or  courtyard. But look closer. If you let your eyes scan over the wall you may notice grey dots in the intersections of the cracks. Now try to focus on one of those dots. Where do they go?

bathroom illusion

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Illusion Thursday – A Warped Galaxy

This week’s illusion is a warping animation that will test your sense of motion. Go ahead and stare at the image. It seems as if you are going through this blue dot galaxy at a constant speed. Now put your hand in front of your screen to cover up the center of the image. The dots seem to speed up. Try covering up the edges of the image and watch the dots slow down.

illusion thursday

galaxy illusion nvision laser eye centers
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Illusion Thursday – Invisible Dots

Thursday November 3, 2011
Today’s illusion will play an intense trick on your brain. At first glance you see a cosmic picture with three stars in front of blue galactic dust. The trick is to stare at the center of the photo (between the yellow dots) without moving your eyes. After a while, the dots will disappear.
NVISION Illusion Thursday
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Illusion Thursday – Circles and Bars

Lasik illusion nvision

This modern variation on the classic Op Art Illusion by Gianni Sarcone depicts a decorative door panel with a series of lines. Try to guess how many circles you see. At first glance you might not see or any, or maybe 8. The real answer is 16. If you didn’t get it right, don’t feel bad – maybe your eyesight was to blame. In that case you may need LASIK. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether its LASIK Camarillo, LASIK Orange County, or LASIK Los Angeles, you can depend on us.

Illusion Thursday – Pendulum Waves

This week’s presentation is more of an optical treat than an illusion. It is known as the pendulum swing or pendulum waves. This simple contraption which was home-made out of a broken drawer and some balls, offers the viewer a unique show of twirls and waves reminiscent of a classical ballerina show. I still haven’t figured out exactly how this works but I’ll let you enjoy it.


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Illusion Thursday – Tiger Heat

It is not every day that I find an illusion worth calling ‘the best illusion ever’, but today appears to be one of those days. This image is nothing less than a masterpiece and will surely play tricks on your mind. It is hard to tell you much without giving away the secret, but what I can say is that this is a photograph of a real painting. Yes it is an amazing painting of a leopard, but what else?

nvision laser eye centers lasik tiger



Here is more of the illusion revealed.


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