Our Doctors choose NVISION for Themselves


We can talk all day about how NVISION has the best technology and top surgeons in the laser eye surgery field. But when our own doctors trust their eyes with our surgeons, it means so much more. Meet Dr. Susan Shin, the Clinical Director at our NVISION Laser Eye Centers – Torance. Dr. Shin has suffered vision problems her entire life and despite working in the LASIK industry for many years prior to joining NVISION, she had never had the procedure done herself. When you are in the hands of the finest surgeons, opinions can change. She recently underwent LASIK with Dr. Lusby and has let us share her personal story with the world.

I have always wanted to do LASIK. I had my first pair of glasses when I was 7 years old and my first pair of RGP lenses when I was 15. I had always believed in the technology, knew that I would get it done one day, but found that it was easier to postpone the procedure when I wasn’t having any problems with contacts. All that changed when I started developing dryness, FB sensation, and discomfort with my RGP’s this past year.

There was one problem, of course. Our medical director who I had worked with for over 6 years, Dr. Wendell Wong, had just retired before he could do my procedure. Fortunately, our new medical director who Dr. Wong had personally asked to take over the reins at our office, Dr. Franklin Lusby, was a surgeon I could trust 100%. I had seen his work for over 6 months, and I knew he was one of the best surgeons I had worked with. For 2 months after I stopped wearing my RGP’s, I experienced myopic shift from -7.50 to -9.50 and my astigmatism went up from 0.75 to 1.75.

The procedure itself was just as I had expected. Simple, quick, and painless. Recovery was overnight, and I couldn’t believe how well I could see the very next day. To go from -9.50 to 20/20 is an amazing, incredible feeling, exactly what my patients have been telling me over the years.

This experience has allowed me to personally understand what patients go through, from apprehension prior to the procedure to the amazement of the vision afterwards. I now know what it’s like to undergo the dryness and occasional foreign body sensation post-operatively. I can empathize with patients experiencing anxiety prior to the procedure, and I can rejoice in their outcome just like it was my own eyes. Most importantly, I can see! I couldn’t be happier with the results, and thank you to the great staff at NVision Torrance for the best care anyone can ask for!